It’s Monday, America’s President Has The ‘Rona

The president got corona

This weekend was one for the history books. 

President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus. Some folks still don’t believe it. Others are surprised he survived the weekend. In all honesty, if you didn’t freak out just a little, you didn’t read the room. 

Coming into today, there are still quite a lot of questions that’ll take time to answer, and neither we nor Sway have all of them at the moment. But a lot has been confirmed since early Friday morning, and here’s what we can tell you:

The President knew he had The ‘Rona as early as Thursday: The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump basically kept his positive diagnosis from being public, or even semi-private, until 1 a.m. Friday. 

The President needed, and received, oxygen on Friday: Dr. Sean Conley, a White House physician treating President Trump at Walter Reed Medical Center, seemed quite squirrely about if and when Trump needed help breathing. Come to find out, he did. 

The President tweeted that he was OK on Saturday but that may or may not have been cap. Some say the man might not even be sick. Others say he’s worse than we’re being told, And there’s even speculation that the White House edited out a cough from a video message.

The President felt like pulling up outside the hospital on Sunday, so he did: We all know the feeling. Sometimes — perhaps especially if the ops think you’ve lost a step — you want to stunt in the Suburban with the homies. The ride was widely criticized

The stock market seemed to not care: Nobody ever really knows what the stock market wants, but some theories are better than others. And in the case of a presidential candidate catching a deadly virus a month before the election, a good theory you can bet on is that the major markets didn’t like it. So they focused and reacted on rumors that Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin are close to a deal on a COVID relief bill. But volatility is probably to be expected if there’s a chance that the president could randomly catch the fade, so if an agreement on stimulus doesn’t come soon, expect even more. 

#25thAmendmentNow was a trending topic Sunday night. IJS

The polls were briefly positive for President Trump. And then… Well, things changed. It’s nothing new to see a government leader or election candidate have higher approval ratings after a crisis with national or international implications. It’s called the “rally around the flag” effect, and it happened not long after Trump’s diagnosis went public. But it didn’t take long before people began to react negatively, and because there was already wide consensus that Trump didn’t win the first presidential debate, it appears that Biden now has a double-digit lead, in more than one reliable poll. 

The confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett before Election Day is now less certain. Six GOP senators are in quarantine, three of whom are COVID-positive. Two of those three are on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which handles Barrett’s nomination before it can get a full vote on the Senate floor. A continued congressional coronavirus wave makes it hard to imagine Barrett’s confirmation happening on schedule, although it’s highly unlikely that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will just give up. 

Obama said 🙏🏾. Whatever it means, you can’t say President Barack Obama was discourteous

Final thought: The election is still a month away; there’s plenty of time for things to get crazier. Grab something sturdy, like a handle of cognac, and hold on to your sanity.

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