These Patriotic ATL Dancers Direct Your Booty to the Poll

get your booty to the polls atlanta

Shawty… it’s been a week!

Before you reclaim your time this weekend, there’s a bit of encouraging news on the election front. It seems that once again, Atlanta’s proud and mighty exotic dancers are going to save us from ourselves. This time it’ll be by encouraging the Constitutional right, and American responsibility, to get your booty to the poll.

Can we get a 🙌 for these amazing ladies? Not only are they just casually showing intense acrobatic skill and muscular control in their chosen profession, but they’re not just twerking, they’re truthing.

And they’re doing it in such a way that it’s obvious at least some of these ladies are blessed not only with posterior advantages but also understanding of the political process. Like, this was a legit great ad.

There’s even that one lady at the beginning who, after a flirtatious look suggesting she’s sizing you, the viewer, up, she suddenly shifts and says “So… You’re really not gonna vote?!” We’re not a professional casting agency here at The Churn, but we know talent (especially in this area), and the transition between her two attitudes in that two-second clip is a display of someone who has mastered the craft of acting.

Tyler! Hire this woman! Don’t make us buy a billboard in East Point.

We told you early in the week to make sure you get registered to vote, and to vote early. We just didn’t have as brilliant of an idea as director Angela Gomes and producer Paul Fox, who got this idea funded off a GoFundMe setup back in July.

Make sure you get your booty to the poll soon. Visit the website to learn more about how to vote early.

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